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mr. tuna collaboration
soba + crispy rice GOLDEN TABLE BEER | 4.5% ABV

RAISUKURISUPI (Rice Krispy), our collaboration with Mr. Tuna, is our first beer focused on accompanying a specific cuisine. We wanted to make a beer that could serve as a companion to the delicious creations at Mr. Tuna. After some meetings with owners - Jordan and Marisa - over Sushi, White Tea, and Genmaicha, we decided on a simple, table-inspired ale aimed to emphasize some traditional Japanese ingredients and refresh your palate.

RAISUKURISUPI features a massive amount of hand-toasted brown rice and puffed brown rice, along with raw buckwheat (soba) from Maine Grains and Pilsner malt from Buck Farms. This little ale is lightly hopped with Hallertau Blanc and Amarillo, drinks with a delicate body and spotlights the quality of the local grains used.